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PilotDiscovery.com is a resource for aviation enthusiasts, published and managed by aviation enthusiasts. Whether you are an aspiring pilot, aviation is your hobby, or you are contemplating aviation as a career, our aim is to provide you with useful information that can help enrich your aviation experience.

Established 2021: PilotDiscovery.com was established in 2021, with the goal of providing our personal insights, drawing from our experience, as we endeavor to share helpful tips and tricks, advice and admonitions, to our fellow pilots in the general aviation community. We are not a team of commercial airline pilots. We are a team of general aviation pilots seeking to help pique people’s interest in aviation, and help provide some helpful insights and unique perspectives that might help you along the way.

Join us, as we explore various topics of interest to pilots at all stages in their aviation journey:

  • Curious about becoming a pilot?
  • Beginning your flight training journey?
  • Getting ready for your checkride?
  • Taking your pilot license to the next level?
  • Going commercial?
  • Considering buying your first aircraft?
  • Looking for tips on how to navigate cross-country flights?
  • Interested in exploring different types of aircraft?
  • Thinking about joining a flying club?
  • Eager to learn advanced navigation techniques?
  • Planning to fly internationally?
  • Looking for tips on aircraft maintenance?
  • Contemplating aerobatic flying?
  • Seeking advice on balancing flying with family life?
  • How does my health measure up to aviation standards?

We are always looking for more writers to join our team. Inquire with us, if you are interested, at info@pilotdiscovery.com.

Meet Our Editorial Staff:

  • Max Skyler – General Aviation Pilot, gearing up to get his instrument rating